About The Charrons

Paul moved to the United States from Canada in 1988 and Lorena from Mexico in 2006.

Here's the rest of the story...

For Paul and Lorena it was "Love at second sight."

Paul moved to the United States from Canada in 1988 and Lorena from Mexico in 2006.

Both of them share a love of the United States because of the opportunities that available to anyone who reaches out and grabs them. What they've come to find out is that the United States, and their home countries of Canada and Mexico all share something in common...they all lack basic financial education in their school systems.

Shortly after they were married, in 2007, they were crushed financially.

Paul left corporate America and they were struggling to get their business up and running. The economy decided to collapse at the same time.

They lost their new house, a beautiful Harley Davidson motorcycle, which was Paul's pride and joy, and the McDonald's Dollar menu became their main food group.

They were struggling and close to homeless.

Together, they started studying everything they could find that would increase their financial education, so that when opportunity did come their way they were more prepared to act on it.

They started Picarsso Auto Spa, in October of 2007, and started to put what they were learning to work.

The first year was extremely tough.

Lorena went to work to keep a roof over their head, while Paul continued to push hard with the business.

In late 2008, things started to take off when they landed one of the world's leading hotel and casinos, as a client.

They continued to learn by every approach possible.

They read, listened to audio books, attended seminars, watched webinars and hours and hours of video related to personal development and financial education.

They went from being dead broke and on the brink of homelessness, back to being home owners and successful business owners.

They are both passionate paul and lorena at epcot 2about traveling and do so as much as possible.

They have managed to get their personal finances under control and are now able to say that they are confident that retirement is not as far away as they originally thought.

Paul and Lorena continue to increase their financial awareness everyday. They feel that their struggle has made them better in many ways.

The Charron Zone was born out of that struggle.

The Charron Zone is Paul and Lorena's way of helping other people learn from their mistakes. They hope that by showing others what they did to get back on track, that people won't make those same mistakes.

If you want more information on how Paul and Lorena can help you get your finances back on track and help you increase your financial education, sign up on the home page at CharronZone.Com today.

The Charrons

It was Tony Robbins who said, "opposites attract, but it takes people who are like each other, to like each other." That definitely describes Paul and Lorena. Opposites in ways, but alike in so many others.

  • Lorena Charron

    Lorena in Hawaii.

  • Paul Charron

    Paul loves to have a good time!

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A financially educated person is a financially free person.

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