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The handshake is a business icon.

I was listening to the audio book, The Charisma Myth, and part of one of the chapters talked about handshakes. You can get a copy of the book HERE.

It got me thinking about how the handshake has really become a lost art.

The following is what I learned from this audiobook.

Some of you may be thinking…

Are you really going to dedicate an entire article/vlog to a simple handshake?

Is it really that important?

If you don’t think a handshake is important you may want to reconsider getting into business.

Seriously…it’s that important.

In a lot of cases it’s how you make your first impression.

According to the book, in ancient times, a handshake was used as a greeting, in which you extended your right hand, to show that you were not armed.

Pretty important when most of the world was probably trying to kill you and take over your land.

The Romans clasped forearms so they could feel for hidden weapons up a sleeve and then a shake was added later to the process to release any other weapons that may have been hiding.

There are many different ways for a hand shake to happen, depending on the culture, so make sure you learn the proper technique when visiting other countries.

You don’t want to offend anyone.

Check out Vlog 025 below that is all about the handshake:

Handshake Signifies A Done Deal

In my world, a handshake is your bond and your word. If you make a business deal or a bet, and you “shake on it”, it is a done deal and nothing needs to be written on paper.

There are few people I would trust with that these days.

People have lost that trust and a handshake doesn’t hold the weight it used to.

You had best get your deals in writing!

Very sad, in my opinion.

A Handshake Makes First Impressions

A handshake is one of the first impressions people will get from you, when it comes to making a business deal.

It requires two people to suspend their “personal space” barrier. They invite each other in to assess the other person. That is why you should make sure you get it right.

4 Sins Of The Handshake

If you’re committing any of these four handshake mistakes you should stop them immediately.

  1. The Deadfish- This is when one or both of the people shaking hands, have a limp shake with little or no grip on the other person’s hand. I hate when someone shakes my hand like this! It gives you a weird vibe about that person
  2. The Knuckle Cruncher- This happens when you squeeze the other person’s hand too tight and their knuckles rub together. This is either done by mistake because the person doesn’t know their own strength or they believe that is the way a handshake should be done…or they’re just a dick.
  3. The Dominant Shake- If someone approaches you with their palm down it usually means they are expressing domination. They also may grasp your hand and then twist theirs over yours. This is also a dick move.
  4. The 2-Handed Shake- This is when the right hand is shaking and the left is put on the forearm, arm, or shoulder. It is also known as the politician’s handshake because of people’s disdain for this type of shake. It is fine for people you know, but should be used sparingly. Or you may be considered a dick.

By the way, a fist bump may be fine for your friends, but you shouldn’t use it at your first business meeting with a client or future business partner.

Just saying.

The Perfect Handshake

Ok, so you now know how you shouldn’t shake hands. Let’s look at what you should be doing.

  1. Make sure your right hand is free prior to starting a handshake. You shouldn’t have to be fumbling away to free up your right hand.
  2. If you are at a meeting or business gathering, hold any cold drink in your left hand so your right hand isn’t cold and clammy.
  3. If you are seated, get up to shake someone’s hand. It’s a sign of respect.
  4. Make eye contact and smile.
  5. Keep your head straight and face the person, unless you’re doing a handshake for the cameras.
  6. Make sure your thumb is straight up in the air so your hand is perpendicular to the ground and parallel to their hand.
  7. Open the space between your thumb and pointer finger wide so the other person can fit their hand in yours.
  8. Make contact with their palm by keeping your palm flat and not cupped.
  9. Wrap your fingers around there hand.
  10. Lock your thumb down and shake from the elbow (not your wrist you freak)

So that’s it!

You’re ready to go out and start meeting business partners, prospects and friends.

One final thing before you go handshake crazy.

A lot of people get freaked out by the fact that handshaking has been known to transfer germs.

I don’t believe you should walk up to people while they are eating and expect them to shake your hand.

That’s just common sense to me.

The other thing is…

Wash your hands you freaking animals!

Happy handshaking!

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